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 Fighting, Sparring & Competing

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Fighting, Sparring & Competing Left_bar_bleue300/300Fighting, Sparring & Competing Empty_bar_bleue  (300/300)
Fighting, Sparring & Competing Left_bar_bleue300/300Fighting, Sparring & Competing Empty_bar_bleue  (300/300)

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PostSubject: Fighting, Sparring & Competing   Fighting, Sparring & Competing EmptyThu Jul 09, 2009 6:47 pm

Fighting is a combat situation outside of your school, planned or unplanned matches against some one else, and anything else that does not fit into Sparring or Competing. Fighting can be to the death, so be careful who you fight! These are the rules of fighting:
  1. Since the rp is written in third person, please make sure the target of your attack, defense, etc, is clear.
  2. When you use a Technique or Spell, please capitalize its name, and add a link to your Techniques/Spell list. If you do not clarify what you are using, your actions can be dismissed.
  3. Remember that Technique/Spells can deduct or add to you or your opponent's stats. This is why you need at least one Technique/Spell before you can fight!
  4. Keep track of your stats! Every 1-5 posts, add in parenthesis what your stats are at in the fight.
  5. Is is possible to dodge or block attacks, as long as it is reasonable. Some one with greater Body is stronger and faster, and some one with greater Mind has stronger spells and resistance to negative effects like poisons. You cannot dodge/block an attack from some one with a stat 50+ higher than yours. (If some one with 60 Body swings a weapon at you and you have 10 Body, you cannot dodge or block it. If some one with 60 Mind casts a spell at you, and your Mind is at 10, you cannot dodge block that spell.) EXCEPTIONS: If your Magical Ability allows it, within reason; if the other person's Technique/Spell says that it is 'easily dodged' or something along those line; if an Admin approves.

You can have an Admin monitor your fight, to prevent problems from occurring. Simply PM an Admin before it starts or while it is in progress, and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Sparring is a school activity, but it can be arranged among friends also. Sparring is not to the death, and must be observed by at least one person, other than the combatants. Those not fighting are to act as judges, but are not to intervene. It follows all of the same rules that Fighting does, but also:
  1. In sparring, both you and your oppenent have 100 Body, Mind, and Stamina. These replace your current stats for the duration of the match.
  2. The challenged combatant gets to decide the location of the Sparring match. They can forfeit this to the challenger if they so wish.
  3. The two combatants may agree to any terms that do not contradict the rules of Sparring/Fighting. This includes things such as the amount of Body, Mind, and Stamina Points, as well as that the match cannot be to the death.
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Fighting, Sparring & Competing
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