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 Arriving at school (Open)

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PostSubject: Arriving at school (Open)   Arriving at school (Open) EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 6:44 pm

The waning moon shined in the night as the campus was filled with vampires and other beings. Minds that a single black haired seven hundred year old vampire picked up on; their minds as clear as day thinking about lust, love, school, friends, everything poured into the girl as though she was a computer. Black hair curled up as she wore an outfit made from the comic of vampire kisses that she enjoyed to read. Eyes stares at the doors as she entered the dormatory area. Black high heel boots touching the tiled floor as she walked up the stairs with two big black suitcases and blood on her lips. Moradeath Halo Grim is her sweet name; her voice an angel to all as her kindness shows even though some minds are not kind at all.
Entering her dorm room, she threw her suitcases on the bed as though they were nothing. Sitting down her back laid on the bed sideways as the black blankets felt like feathers to her. moon shining in through the window; her golden eyes stare out with a smile. Thinking at how nice it will be to spend a school year around other people besides her family and royals; taking her boots off setting them aside at the end of her bed. She walks over to the window looking out at the vampires and other people running around campus at night.
"I wonder if they will let me sing here?" Moradeath sighed. She loved to sing more than anything, but since her brother's ruined it for her in japan she didnt want to risk getting the school invade by slayers.
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Arriving at school (Open)
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